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The Vault Has Board Games!

Board Gaming in Edmonton

The Vault Gaming Room also offers a selection of board games! From classics like Electronic Battleship to Pandemic, Monopoly, and Risk to new games link Bang the Dice Game, Exploding Kittens, Cattan, and Ticket To Ride.

We also offer weekly games of Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, and soon D&D to go with our 20 console gaming stations.


Axis & Allies Weekly In Edmonton

Axis & Allies Edmonton

Did you know that we run an ongoing Axis & Allies game every week at the Vault? We start on Tuesday night and play four hours that night and continue the game the next night for another four hours if required. This classic war strategy game is an amazing time and never the same twice. We have every edition of the game and offer up to two tables of five players when the demand calls for it.



We Even Created A Few Games of Our Own

One of our goals with the Vault Gaming Room is to show people how easy it is to take a game from just a thought to a rapid prototype. How many times have you or a friend said that they have an idea for a game but don’t know where to go next. So we have taken a few game ideas that we have had and taken them to a level where we can playtest and enjoy the game. If other people really love the game then we will take it to the next level and try to crowdfund the game through Kickstarter or the like.

One of our first games is the “Dice Hockey Game”. This action-packed game involves going through a draft to select your team and then facing off against an opponent in a game of chance where the player attributes and a roll of the dice will determine the outcome of the game. The game is fast and packed with lots of laughs as you try to get more goals than your opponent.

Food & Drinks By The Black Bull Kitchen

No need to pack a lunch or drinks, the Black Bull Kitchen has all the great food and drinks you could imagine.

Come down to The Vault Gaming Room, located inside The Black Bull Kitchen, serving some of the best food Edmonton has to offer!


Edmonton Mortal Kombat Competition

Mortal Kombat 11 High Score contest!

Come down to The Vault Gaming Room to try your hand at nabbing the high score!

For the month of December, anyone can submit a high score for the Novice Klassic Tower on Hard difficulty. The highest score at the end of the month will receive a 3′ x 4′ Mortal Kombat banner, and a Mortal Kombat Console skin for your choice of console!

Good Luck!