Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming Room

Mario kart eight deluxe tournament for ages 8 to 14

Come to The Vault Gaming Room and put your Mario kart driving skills to the test for the chance to win a custom 3-D printed Mario Kart trophy.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming RoomAre you the fastest driver in the Mushroom Kingdom? Bring your A-game and show us what you got. All races will be played in the 150cc level with all items turned on and random tracks.

During round one of the Mario Kart Tournament

Each player will get to race four times against three other people. The points calculated during the race will be recorded and totaled.
The top eight players with the most points will advance to round two. In the event that there is a tie in points that would allow for more than eight players the players that are in the tie will face-off head to head with only the top players moving forward into round two.

Round two of the greatest Mario Kart Driver Tournament

The top eight players will now each race twice and the point totals per race will be the same as in round one. The top four players will advance to round three were champion will be crowned. In the event that there is a tie that would see more than four players advance to the final round, we would use the same rules that applied in round one to determine who will move forward.

Round three – time to crown a champion!

This is it, the grand finale. It’s time to crown a champion and it’s only gonna take one race to do it. The players have battled through the field to get to this point and now the final race will determine who is the best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Driver in the age 8 to 14 class.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Vault Rules

  • Each race will consist of four players
  • You must be between the ages of 8 and 14 to compete in this tournament.
  • You are allowed to bring your own controller.
  • Character selection will be a random draw. The first player chosen for the race will get to choose their character first, the second player will choose their character second and so on.
  • You will build your own kart before you begin the race, but it is requested that you have an idea in mind of what you want before the race starts.

Where is the Mario Kart Tournament?

Freak Shakes By The Black Bull KitchenThe Vault Gaming Room is located inside The Black Bull Kitchen at 16642 109 Ave, so you know that there will be great food and drink specials during the event. If your feeling adventuress make sure to try one of our Freak Shakes! You can call us at 780-489-3344 for more information.
Sign up to the event here: Mario Kart Tournament Ages 8-14
NHL 20 Tournament

Who Will Be Crowned Our January NHL 20 Champion?

NHL 20 PS4 Vault Champion For January

NHL 20 Tournament We are hosting our first NHL 20 championship, this tournament will be played on the Sony PS4 platform. There are 18 players competing in five minutes periods In a double knockout format. This means if you lose twice you are out but welcome to come back in February and try again.

The winner will have their name placed on our Stanley cup as well as receive a prize pack and be known as the NHL 2020 champion for the PS4.

Don’t worry Xbox fans next week is your turn as we will be hosting another NHL 2020 championship but this time played on the Xbox platform, again it will be 18 players competing in five minute periods in a double knockout format.

Once we’re down to two players we will be putting it on the 120-inch projector screen for the finals, the finals will consist of the best of three games.

The winner will be crowned the January Champ and will be invited back to defend against the Champions upcoming in February, March, and April. The winner of that will be crowned the yearly champ and have their name engraved in our Stanley Cup. Here is the link to this event:


NHL 20 Xbox Vault Champion For January

This is the PS4 tourney but there will be a carbon copy tournament for the Xbox system. Here is a link to the Xbox NHL 20 event:

Make sure to signup early for this one as the last one was full in just one day.

As always we will be having great drink specials and food specials over the course of the tournament. We are a licensed establishment so yes you can have a beer. Come in and cheer on your friends as they compete for the cup and enjoy a burger and drink specials.


The Vault Gaming Room NHL 20 Champion For The Year

It works like this: We are hosting four qualifier events between now and March 14th. for both the PS4 and Xbox One systems. The top four (4) players from each of the qualifiers will be invited back to play in our yearly championship. So 16 players for PS4 and 16 players for Xbox. The Champ from each system will have their name put on the Vault’s Stanley Cup and receive a prize pack that includes a pair of tickets to the Edmonton Oilers game vs the Sharks on Friday, March 27th.

This is going to be a great fun, free event for all those who wish to join.

Play RISK in Edmonton

Where To Play RISK in Edmonton

RISK EdmontonWhen’s the last time you were challenged in a war strategy game such as risk or axis and Allies? The vault gaming room in Edmonton Alberta now offers both of these great Wargame classics which are available free to play with your friends or join one of our weekly groups where you can conquer the world.yuh

You also might remember risk as a game that lasts 8 to 10 hours or maybe, even more, it’s one of those games where you bring in a case of beer, order a few pizzas and plan to spend a lot of time playing over the weekend. Well, this great classic still does exist in this format you can also now play a game of risk with some of the new rules in about one hour.

The game of risk is definitely an adult style game, it’s not really meant for kids 10 and under but truly it’s enjoyed more by people 16 and up.

How To Play The New Version Of RISK

To play the game you get a deck of cards with all the territories, you deal out the cards and then you place your troops. There are different types of troops in this game there are The infantry which are worth one soldier, the Calvary which are the equivalent of five soldiers and the artillery which is equivalent to 10 troops.

Your place your troops throughout the different territories and then it’s time to attack, what are you do is you take a different territory using dice, the attacker uses three dice in the defender users two dice. whoever rolls the highest number on today’s wins that battle or at least removes one of their troops from the field.
If you wanna reduce the length of time that it takes to play this game there are a couple of different options, first there is the C-Spire card which you can place somewhere in the middle of the deck and when you come across this card the game is over and the player with the most territories wins. The second way is to choose how many territories a player needs to claim victory. It’s still a massively fun game they’ve just made it a whole lot shorter.
Now personally I love classic risk and they still include the rules for classic risk which means you’re going to have to take all the pieces one at the time and clean territories and have massive battles with all the troops until somebody claims complete dominance and takes over the world.
So the choice is yours do you want a faster version where you can get it done in an hour or so or do you want to play the classic version it’s going to take a little more time but in my opinion, it’s much more fun.
So what are you waiting for? Get down to the Vault Gaming room today and start playing this classic war simulation game.

LTP Magic The Gathering in the Vault

Learn Through Play Magic The Gathering


Magic The Gathering EdmontonCome down to the vault on Monday, January 27th from 6-10 PM and Learn Through Play (LTP) Magic The Gathering.


We at The Vault are pleased to announce the arrival of Magic The Gathering! Monday’s and Tuesday’s will now host events and training as well as casual play anytime we’re open. So whether your a seasoned veteran, new or casual player looking to make new friends or hang out with old ones and maybe eat some great food and play a video game we’ve got you covered! This upcoming Monday will be an LTP-Learn through play- This will be for new or returning players who want to get back in or start their journey into magic. The objective of this night will be casual games with instruction, deck building ( mono colour), tips and strategies on land non-land ratios, help with card synergies and theme building, help understanding terms and basic game knowledge needed to play, help with turn order and phases of play and all the basic things to know to play and build your own decks to play with your friends.

Magic The Gathering At The Vault Gaming Room

We encourage you to come out play some games and share with us what you would like to have in our unique magic scene. We are a social community being built for people who love to be with people and play some great games. Check it out on our event page on Meetup here: Magic The Gathering Play