Improbable Alliance

Daily Magic the Gathering Card Breakdown

Daily Magic the Gathering Card Breakdown Week 1

Hello everyone gamer Daryl coming to you from the Vault Gaming Room here at the black bull kitchen. We’ve started a new series I like to call “The vault gaming room’s daily Magic the Gathering card breakdown” or TVGR’s daily MTG card breakdown. Every day we will be doing a card breakdown from each colour categories from white to red, black and blue, green, artifact, and multi coloured.


Traveler's Amulet

Today we are doing an artifact, the card, Traveler’s Amulet. This is a utility card for one mana of any colour that has one function, to get you land! Once on the battlefield, you can then pay one mana of any colour to sacrifice this amulet and search your library for a basic land and put it in your hand. A great way to thin out your deck.


Rimrock KnightToday we are doing red, the card, Rimrock Knight. This is a 3/1 creature for two mana one red and one colourless, with an adventure ability. For one red mana, we can use the adventure ability “boulder rush” which gives a creature +2/+o until the end of turn. We can then cast out this knight as a 3/1 creature to attack but to be noted he cannot block so he’s just a helper and fighter.


Order of MidnightToday we are doing black, the card, Order of Midnight. This is a 2/2 creature for two mana, one colourless and one black with an adventure ability. If you choose so you may pay two mana one black one other, and cast alter fate to return a creature from your graveyard to your hand then cast out your2/2 flyer to swing for 2 in the air each turn. To be noted this guy cannot block so he is an ally attacker and utility card.


Syr Faren, the HengehammerToday we are doing Green, the card, Syr Faren, the Hengehammer. This is a 2/2 creature for two green mana with an absolute bomb of an ability. Whenever Syr Faren attacks you may have one other attacking creature gain power and toughness equal to Farens power. For example, if you have a 1/1 creature and attack with your 2/2 Faren you can choose to have the 1/1 gain +2/+2 until the end of turn, making it a 3/3. Pretty good but imagine you pump up Faren to even a 5 power and that 1/1 gets +5/+5 and is a 6/6!!! A great card for any green deck.


Hypnotic SpriteToday we are doing blue, the card, Hypnotic Sprite. This is a 2/1 creature with flying for two blue mana, also this creature has an adventure ability we can cast before we play this creature; for three mana; 2 colourless and one blue. We can counter target spell that has a mana cost of three or less. Then play it out as a creature in the air swinging for two damage a turn.


Shepherd of the FlockToday we are doing White, the card, Shepherd of the Flock. This is a 3/1 creature for two mana one white and one of any colour with an amazing ability in my opinion, for one white mana we can use the adventure ability to bounce any permanent from the battlefield ( that we control) to our hand as an instant. Hello white control. Then still cast out the 3/1 creature for some more good times.


Improbable AllianceToday we are doing a multicoloured card, the card, Improbable Alliance. This is Avery powerful enchantment for two mana, one red one blue. It’s main purpose is to generate 1/1 flying faerie creature tokens every time you draw your second card in a turn. This is very easy as each turn we draw one card in our draw phase which leaves us only one card to draw. This can be done with many cards or with the secondary ability of Improbable Alliance; pay six mana four of which can be any colour and one red, one blue and draw a card then discard. This can also be done on an opponent’s turn to double up the 1/1 flyers.