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Edmonton Birthday Party Venue – The Vault Gaming Room

Edmonton’s Best Birthday Party

Vault Gaming Room EdmontonPlanning your child’s birthday party gets harder and harder as they get older. Kids today are no longer happy with a birthday cake, snacks, and old school party games like pin the tail on the donkey to keep them entertained. The parties you see at bowling alleys and sleepovers have all been done before, and you know your child and his or her friends want something more fun and exciting to do. If you trying to plan a birthday party, where all the kids will love and remember it, it might be time for you to find a way to combine your kid’s party and video games. We will even spice it up a bit from there with a few classic games such as cornhole and speed stacking. We put the kids through a series of classics and combine it with new console video games from Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.


A Video Game Party In Edmonton

Your kid loves to play video games, just ask them. Walk into pretty much any home, and you will find some type of gaming console that the kids love using. Creating a birthday party that provides entertainment using video games and some classic games is a great way to keep the kids engaged and having fun with each other. The problem you may run into is that you simply do not have space for all the kids to play at the same time, or you may not have the games that kids like to play the most. That is where the Vault Gaming Room comes in.

Making the Birthday Party Amazing

At The Vault Gaming Room, we specialize in building a kid’s party and video games in a way that will create nonstop fun for everyone there. We have twenty console systems and four systems that are hooked up to 100” projector screens making for the best Mario Kart experience in the city. Combine that with our indoor cornhole toss and our cup speed stacking table and the party is unforgettable.


Don’t Forget About The Food!

No party is complete without great food and drinks, this is where The Vault Gaming Room really shines. The Vault is part of the Black Bull Kitchen and The Bull specializes in pizza, burgers, and poutine all of which are favorites with kids. We also have other great selections such as our smoked meat sandwich, fish and chips, and steak sandwich. We can even provide the cake customized with your child’s name.


Get Ice Cream And Have Your Cake Too With A Freak Shake

If you really want to shake things up you can even get a round of Freak Shakes that will have the kid’s eyes bugging out of their heads! These shakes are over the top with great flavors and toppings such as birthday cake, fudge brownies, cheesecake or cookies! These just might be the best milkshakes in Edmonton!


Make Your Party Special

When you need a way to make your kid’s party and video games work together, call us at The Vault Gaming Room. You can learn more about us and our amazing party services by reading the information here on our website. You can then give us a call at 780-489-3344 to ask questions or book your party so you can have a special party for your child.