Mario Kart and Milkshakes

Our First MarioKart And Milkshakes Was Awesome!

Thanks To You Our First MarioKart and Milkshakes Event Was Awesome!

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to make our first Mario kart and milkshakes event a great success. Everybody had a great time and we got to sample some of our milkshakes.

Some of the milkshakes that we sampled were our new fluffernutter, cherry bomb, and Key lime pie, combine that with a few of our favorites such as the Nutella Dream and Birthday cake shake and think everyone was pretty excited over the samples. if you were one of the attendees please let us know what you thought.

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner we plan on debuting a few new green shakes such as pistachio and green chocolate mint. We have one other milkshake that will be debuting but we’re going to keep it under wraps for now as it’ll blow your socks off.

If you missed this event we will be hosting it again in two weeks on March 7.

Edmonton's Best Birthday PartiesWe also want to say thank you to our birthday party that we hosted in The Vault at the same time, it looked like everyone had a blast and enjoyed the pizzas. We are really happy that you decided to share your special day with us, much love! Also thank you for the great reviews from @wonderwomaniskey on Instagram and Shaun Gratton on our Google Business page, we really appreciate it and it helps us to grow the business.

Axis and Allies 1942 Opening Round Russia

Opening Round Action In Axis and Allies 1942

Today we’re gonna discuss the first round strategy of axis and Allies 1942 edition

Axis and Allies 1942 Opening Round RussiaWhether you are a veteran player of Axis and Allies or an aspiring general just starting the game and wants to get off on the right foot these opening strategies will put you on the fast track to dominating your foes.

The strategy will focus on the first round moves for all the countries involved played in order starting with the USSR.

The Soviet Union frequently has the same strategy of buying infantry, retreating from battle and eventually getting destroyed by Germany in Russia. What if this wasn’t always the Soviet’s fate? What if instead they went on the offensive and put Germany on their heels right off the start. Well, that is exactly what we are going to discuss and employ during the first round of battle.

One of the main problems with the Soviet Union is that they are heavy on infantry which has terrible attack attributes, and when combined with a lower IPC it is hard for the Soviets to keep any form of pressure on the Germans and usually leads to just building up infantry in Russia and trying to hold on as long as they can. The problem with this is that even if you have 70 infantry on Russia put a low IPC count the Germans are able to destroy more troops then you can replace, this means that it’s only a matter of time before the Soviet Union is defeated.

In our opening round, we are going to set a more offensive tone for the Soviet Union by purchasing artillery to go with our massive infantry. This gives the Soviets the opportunity to attack at a much higher level as infantry attributes go up to 2 on the attack when combined with the artillery force. also by forcing an attack against Germany the Soviets will gain more IPC’s per round all well depleting the Germans massive IPC per round count. At the same time, we are going to lead to a mass of infantry to slow the advance of Japan in northeastern Russia.

Now does the strategy work every time? The simple answer is no, you never know exactly what your pony does going to do but for me just purchasing infantry and trying to hang on can be incredibly boring, every once in a while you just want to throw your opponent off and try something new.


Here is the opening round Axis and Allies move by move strategy for the Soviet Union:


Let’s start out with the purchase cycle and here we are going to purchase for infantry and three artillery for a total of 24 IPC. Now in the combat phase, we are going to hit Germany hard first in West Russia and then in the Ukraine SSR.


West Russia:

We will bring down all but one infantry from Karelia SSR, and our single artillery unit. From Russia, then we bring in all four infantry our one artillery unit and two tanks. We also have one tank sitting in archangel that we will bring down into West Russia.

Soviet Union Attack Power: 9x Infantry *2x Artillery * 1x Tank for a total attack power of 18

German Defence Power: 1x Tank * 1 Artillery * 3x Infantry for a total defense power of 11

This gives you a chance of 62.07% of winning this battle. 


Ukraine SSR Strafe:

We are going to do initial strafe of the Ukraine which simply means we’re gonna attack in the first round if it goes well and we happen to take it over fantastic but if it doesn’t look good we’re going to retreat back into the Caucasus. We’re going to bring in our 2 Yak three fighters one from Russia and the other from Karelia to support our three infantry, one artillery and three tank units in the Caucasus.

Soviet Union Attack Power: 2x fighters * 3x Infantry *1x Artillery * 3x Tank for a total attack power of 21

German Defence Power: 1x Bomber * 1x Fighter * 1x Tank * 1 Artillery * 3x Infantry for a total defense power of 16

This would give you a 56.76% chance of winning this battle. 

That will complete Russia’s attack phase for round one, now it’s up to the dice to play this strategy out. Taking West Russia should be relatively easy but overtaking Ukraine is another story.


The one other thing that you can consider here instead of using your Fighters In the strafe of Ukraine you can divert them over to water zone 5 and attack the submarine and transports littering this area. This will most likely make the difference for the British Navy surviving Germany’s first-round attack against them in water Zone 7. You will likely lose a fighter either in the battle or during Germany’s first-round retaliation as one of your Fighters will be left pretty much undefended After being forced to land in Karelia. 


Soviet Union Attack Power: 3x Infantry *1x Artillery * 3x Tank for a total attack power of 15

German Defence Power: 1x Bomber * 1x Fighter * 1x Tank * 1 Artillery * 3x Infantry for a total defense power of 16

This would give you a 48.39% chance of winning this battle. Now, remember you are not necessarily trying to take Ukraine at this point oh, you are simply trying to eliminate old Germany’s Infantry in this space. You will have one attack do that before retreating back into the Caucasus. 


Battle of Sea Zone 5: Now that you’ve saved your two fighters from assisting in the strafe of Ukraine you can use them in the Battle of sea zone 5 by attacking the one German Cruiser, submarine, and transport in this Zone. It is most likely that the sub is going to submerge after the first round of fighter attacks, this will leave you with a 66.67% chance of winning this battle and greatly reducing the Germans attacking abilities of sea zone 7 in their first round. 


Now the choice is yours but these are two very good opening moves for the Soviet Union, I personally like including the Battle of season 5 in my opening move. You can quite easily take Ukraine by bringing in your two fighters but it will most likely be taken back the next round by the Germans. I find it better to Simply do a strafe, retreat to the Caucasus where you can regroup and possibly go after Ukraine in the next round. And although you are ultimately going to lose an expensive fighter, in my opinion, it is well worth it to take out the cruiser and transport and help your allies in Great Britain. 

Next Time in opening round action we will focus on Germany

Make sure to check back for our next article where we will discuss Germany’s opening move answering What you can do if the Soviets do use this strategy or the more aggressive tactic you can take if your opponent is more conservative. On a separate note did you know that Beamdog, the company behind Axis and Allies online is located right here in Edmonton? Check out their webpage where you can see some of the other great games they are working on. 

Do you wanna play Axis and Allies in Edmonton? Come check out Axis and Allies weekly game at the Vault Gaming Room

Mario Kart & Milkshakes

Mario Kart & Edmonton’s Best Milkshakes

That’s right Edmonton, we think we offer the best milkshakes in the city and we have organized a Mario Kart tournament and milkshake tasting to prove it.

This Saturday, February 22/2020 we are going to be hosting an all-ages Mario kart tournament where we will be sampling some of our new milkshakes. We think they might be the best milkshakes in Edmonton and we invite you to come down and tell us what you think.

We will be playing Mario kart deluxe eight on 120-inch projection screens. There will be 3 screens running out of time with a maximum of 12 players at a time.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming RoomThe event is free to join and open to all ages. The winner Will get a Mario kart prize pack, their choice of one of our new Freaks shakes and dinner for two with their choice of two personal size pizzas and two drinks or two of our awesome burger platters.

Some of the new milkshakes we will be sampling are:

The Fluffernutter Freak Shake: if you ever had the famous sandwich with the same name then you know what this shake is all about, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, toasted marshmallow rim, a couple of fudge brownies on top with fresh organic peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Cherry Bomb: this amazing dark cherry shake is topped with whipped cream, chocolate fudge brownies with maraschino cherries in a hard chocolate shell.

Keylime Pie Milkshake: Ok this one is a personal favorite of mine. This refreshing lime/lemon graham crust flavored shake will allow your adult side happy with your mature tastes and the kid in you wanting to order another one.

If one of the new ones isn’t catching your eye there are more than 20 other shakes on the menu to choose from.

A few of our Freak Shakes “Extreme Milkshakes”

The Birthday Cake Shake: Every weekend The Vault is filling up with more and more birthday parties and of course we had to make a shake fitting the occasion, and so the Birthday Cake Freak Shake was born! This delicious shake also might be the most Canadian milkshake ever as we have added Tim Hortons birthday cake Timbits for that extra kick, top it off with a slice of red velvet cake and we will have you singing “Happy Birthday To Me” all year long.

Strawberry CheeseShake: A Delicious homemade Strawberry Shake with white chocolate, graham cracker, whipped cream, Strawberries, and a HUNK of Strawberry Cheesecake! This one is a fan favorite!

Nutella Dream: A rich chocolate shake, with Nutella and smashed Oreos, fudge chocolate
brownie, M & M’s, chocolate bar chunks & Ferro Rocher chocolates all piled high
on top of whipped cream.

We are adding new recipes all the time so be sure to follow us on Facebook for our latest posts.

Axis & Allies Edmonton

Board Games Are Making A Comeback

Board Games Are Making A Comeback In Edmonton

Axis & Allies EdmontonI am old enough to remember the days before video games when we gathered around the table to play a game of Monopoly or Risk, but I am also young enough that I remember getting my first Nintendo and my first game Ice Hockey back in 1988. This started a love of video games that continues to this day, but I still always loved to play tabletop board games such as Axis & Allies, RISK, Combat Commander, and Age of Steam.

The one problem with the introduction of video games was the solitude of gaming that started to develop, no longer did you require that a group of friends or family would get together to play a game, you could just sit down in front of your TV and entertain yourself. This can be fun from time to time and of course with the addition of the internet and the ability to play against people from all over the globe there seems to be an endless amount of willing players, but no longer sitting face to face with friends and enjoying their company.

Of course, board games still existed but certainly took a back seat to the video gaming consoles and still do in sales volume but are really starting to make a comeback with people gathering either at home or heading out to board game cafe’s where they can sit with old friends or new friends and enjoy a tabletop game and maybe a coffee or beer. This was the reason we opened The Vault Gaming Room, we wanted to bring the social aspect of gaming back to the public for both board games and console gaming.

Dice Hockey GameThe Vault Gaming Room offers multiple table settings where a group can sit together and play console games while enjoying a pizza and drink or they can choose to use one of the inhouse board games for free. We also have 14 solo stations that have LAN settings to allow for inhouse gaming tournaments or single-player use. We didn’t stop there though, The Vault also has space for D&D, Magic The Gathering, and Warhammer fans, these private rooms allow for RPG gaming that might take a full day to complete without having to be interrupted. Of course, The Vault also offers it’s clients the use of over 100 board games free of charge for use while visiting us.


Axis & Allies Weekly In Edmonton

Are You Looking To Play Axis & Allies In Edmonton?

Axis & Allies EdmontonI have always been fascinated with the events of World War II, whether it was the tragedy,  innovation, industrial movement, sacrifice, or the culture shock that took place because of it I was fascinated as a kid and even more so today.

I remember growing up playing with my little green army men where I would line them up in formations and take turns with my friends shooting them down with elastics until only one army remained. And of course, learning about World War II in school and hearing stories from my Grand Father pulled me in even more.  Over the years reading books of both fact and fiction continued to fuel my desire to learn more, and now today I find myself searching for great movies and documentaries that depict war stories from both the Axis & Allies point of view.

From blockbuster movies such as Saving Private Ryan, The Dirty Dozen, and Schindlers List to Das Boot, Downfall, and Dunkirk, and great documentaries such as The Battle Of Midway, The Soviet Story, and The Battle Of Britain. Now today Netflix World War II In Color has my attention.

All of these movies, books, and stories have played a part in my desire to play Axis & Allies as often as I have been able to find willing participants to take part in this amazing war strategy game. This game is not for the faint of heart who expect to be finished in 30 minutes to an hour, plan to spend at least four hours letting the battles unfold before you, watching your Alley partners plan their next moves and the opponent Axis commanders try to foil your well-laid plans.

The game requires that you spend time both planning your strategy and reacting to the strategy of your opponents, but you must also pay attention to allocate your limited production and building up your battered battlefronts. Make big decisions and plan attacks while navigating geopolitical issues against the world leaders of the time.

This was a pivotal time in history and the game does a good job at painting broad simulation of this fascinating and complicated time in history.

Weekly Axis & Allies Gaming At The Vault

The Vault Gaming Room offers a place for fans of Axis & Allies to gather and play many different versions of the game each week on both Tuesday nights from 6-10 and Sunday afternoons starting at 2:00 PM. We are a fully licensed restaurant so you can enjoy a drink and great food while you play and we have space to offer multiple games at the same time.

The Vault also offers other games such as Risk, Warhammer, D&D, and Magic The Gathering to more new games that are just being released to the marketplace. We are located at 16642 109 Ave. inside the Black Bull Kitchen.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming Room

Mario kart eight deluxe tournament for ages 8 to 14

Come to The Vault Gaming Room and put your Mario kart driving skills to the test for the chance to win a custom 3-D printed Mario Kart trophy.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming RoomAre you the fastest driver in the Mushroom Kingdom? Bring your A-game and show us what you got. All races will be played in the 150cc level with all items turned on and random tracks.

During round one of the Mario Kart Tournament

Each player will get to race four times against three other people. The points calculated during the race will be recorded and totaled.
The top eight players with the most points will advance to round two. In the event that there is a tie in points that would allow for more than eight players the players that are in the tie will face-off head to head with only the top players moving forward into round two.

Round two of the greatest Mario Kart Driver Tournament

The top eight players will now each race twice and the point totals per race will be the same as in round one. The top four players will advance to round three were champion will be crowned. In the event that there is a tie that would see more than four players advance to the final round, we would use the same rules that applied in round one to determine who will move forward.

Round three – time to crown a champion!

This is it, the grand finale. It’s time to crown a champion and it’s only gonna take one race to do it. The players have battled through the field to get to this point and now the final race will determine who is the best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Driver in the age 8 to 14 class.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Vault Rules

  • Each race will consist of four players
  • You must be between the ages of 8 and 14 to compete in this tournament.
  • You are allowed to bring your own controller.
  • Character selection will be a random draw. The first player chosen for the race will get to choose their character first, the second player will choose their character second and so on.
  • You will build your own kart before you begin the race, but it is requested that you have an idea in mind of what you want before the race starts.

Where is the Mario Kart Tournament?

Freak Shakes By The Black Bull KitchenThe Vault Gaming Room is located inside The Black Bull Kitchen at 16642 109 Ave, so you know that there will be great food and drink specials during the event. If your feeling adventuress make sure to try one of our Freak Shakes! You can call us at 780-489-3344 for more information.
Sign up to the event here: Mario Kart Tournament Ages 8-14
NHL 20 Tournament

Who Will Be Crowned Our January NHL 20 Champion?

NHL 20 PS4 Vault Champion For January

NHL 20 Tournament We are hosting our first NHL 20 championship, this tournament will be played on the Sony PS4 platform. There are 18 players competing in five minutes periods In a double knockout format. This means if you lose twice you are out but welcome to come back in February and try again.

The winner will have their name placed on our Stanley cup as well as receive a prize pack and be known as the NHL 2020 champion for the PS4.

Don’t worry Xbox fans next week is your turn as we will be hosting another NHL 2020 championship but this time played on the Xbox platform, again it will be 18 players competing in five minute periods in a double knockout format.

Once we’re down to two players we will be putting it on the 120-inch projector screen for the finals, the finals will consist of the best of three games.

The winner will be crowned the January Champ and will be invited back to defend against the Champions upcoming in February, March, and April. The winner of that will be crowned the yearly champ and have their name engraved in our Stanley Cup. Here is the link to this event:


NHL 20 Xbox Vault Champion For January

This is the PS4 tourney but there will be a carbon copy tournament for the Xbox system. Here is a link to the Xbox NHL 20 event:

Make sure to signup early for this one as the last one was full in just one day.

As always we will be having great drink specials and food specials over the course of the tournament. We are a licensed establishment so yes you can have a beer. Come in and cheer on your friends as they compete for the cup and enjoy a burger and drink specials.


The Vault Gaming Room NHL 20 Champion For The Year

It works like this: We are hosting four qualifier events between now and March 14th. for both the PS4 and Xbox One systems. The top four (4) players from each of the qualifiers will be invited back to play in our yearly championship. So 16 players for PS4 and 16 players for Xbox. The Champ from each system will have their name put on the Vault’s Stanley Cup and receive a prize pack that includes a pair of tickets to the Edmonton Oilers game vs the Sharks on Friday, March 27th.

This is going to be a great fun, free event for all those who wish to join.

Play RISK in Edmonton

Where To Play RISK in Edmonton

RISK EdmontonWhen’s the last time you were challenged in a war strategy game such as risk or axis and Allies? The vault gaming room in Edmonton Alberta now offers both of these great Wargame classics which are available free to play with your friends or join one of our weekly groups where you can conquer the world.yuh

You also might remember risk as a game that lasts 8 to 10 hours or maybe, even more, it’s one of those games where you bring in a case of beer, order a few pizzas and plan to spend a lot of time playing over the weekend. Well, this great classic still does exist in this format you can also now play a game of risk with some of the new rules in about one hour.

The game of risk is definitely an adult style game, it’s not really meant for kids 10 and under but truly it’s enjoyed more by people 16 and up.

How To Play The New Version Of RISK

To play the game you get a deck of cards with all the territories, you deal out the cards and then you place your troops. There are different types of troops in this game there are The infantry which are worth one soldier, the Calvary which are the equivalent of five soldiers and the artillery which is equivalent to 10 troops.

Your place your troops throughout the different territories and then it’s time to attack, what are you do is you take a different territory using dice, the attacker uses three dice in the defender users two dice. whoever rolls the highest number on today’s wins that battle or at least removes one of their troops from the field.
If you wanna reduce the length of time that it takes to play this game there are a couple of different options, first there is the C-Spire card which you can place somewhere in the middle of the deck and when you come across this card the game is over and the player with the most territories wins. The second way is to choose how many territories a player needs to claim victory. It’s still a massively fun game they’ve just made it a whole lot shorter.
Now personally I love classic risk and they still include the rules for classic risk which means you’re going to have to take all the pieces one at the time and clean territories and have massive battles with all the troops until somebody claims complete dominance and takes over the world.
So the choice is yours do you want a faster version where you can get it done in an hour or so or do you want to play the classic version it’s going to take a little more time but in my opinion, it’s much more fun.
So what are you waiting for? Get down to the Vault Gaming room today and start playing this classic war simulation game.

LTP Magic The Gathering in the Vault

Learn Through Play Magic The Gathering


Magic The Gathering EdmontonCome down to the vault on Monday, January 27th from 6-10 PM and Learn Through Play (LTP) Magic The Gathering.


We at The Vault are pleased to announce the arrival of Magic The Gathering! Monday’s and Tuesday’s will now host events and training as well as casual play anytime we’re open. So whether your a seasoned veteran, new or casual player looking to make new friends or hang out with old ones and maybe eat some great food and play a video game we’ve got you covered! This upcoming Monday will be an LTP-Learn through play- This will be for new or returning players who want to get back in or start their journey into magic. The objective of this night will be casual games with instruction, deck building ( mono colour), tips and strategies on land non-land ratios, help with card synergies and theme building, help understanding terms and basic game knowledge needed to play, help with turn order and phases of play and all the basic things to know to play and build your own decks to play with your friends.

Magic The Gathering At The Vault Gaming Room

We encourage you to come out play some games and share with us what you would like to have in our unique magic scene. We are a social community being built for people who love to be with people and play some great games. Check it out on our event page on Meetup here: Magic The Gathering Play

Edmonton Classic Boardgames

The Vault Has Board Games!

Board Gaming in Edmonton

The Vault Gaming Room also offers a selection of board games! From classics like Electronic Battleship to Pandemic, Monopoly, and Risk to new games link Bang the Dice Game, Exploding Kittens, Cattan, and Ticket To Ride.

We also offer weekly games of Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, and soon D&D to go with our 20 console gaming stations.


Axis & Allies Weekly In Edmonton

Axis & Allies Edmonton

Did you know that we run an ongoing Axis & Allies game every week at the Vault? We start on Tuesday night and play four hours that night and continue the game the next night for another four hours if required. This classic war strategy game is an amazing time and never the same twice. We have every edition of the game and offer up to two tables of five players when the demand calls for it.



We Even Created A Few Games of Our Own

One of our goals with the Vault Gaming Room is to show people how easy it is to take a game from just a thought to a rapid prototype. How many times have you or a friend said that they have an idea for a game but don’t know where to go next. So we have taken a few game ideas that we have had and taken them to a level where we can playtest and enjoy the game. If other people really love the game then we will take it to the next level and try to crowdfund the game through Kickstarter or the like.

One of our first games is the “Dice Hockey Game”. This action-packed game involves going through a draft to select your team and then facing off against an opponent in a game of chance where the player attributes and a roll of the dice will determine the outcome of the game. The game is fast and packed with lots of laughs as you try to get more goals than your opponent.

Food & Drinks By The Black Bull Kitchen

No need to pack a lunch or drinks, the Black Bull Kitchen has all the great food and drinks you could imagine.

Come down to The Vault Gaming Room, located inside The Black Bull Kitchen, serving some of the best food Edmonton has to offer!