Mario Kart & Milkshakes

Mario Kart & Edmonton’s Best Milkshakes

That’s right Edmonton, we think we offer the best milkshakes in the city and we have organized a Mario Kart tournament and milkshake tasting to prove it.

This Saturday, February 22/2020 we are going to be hosting an all-ages Mario kart tournament where we will be sampling some of our new milkshakes. We think they might be the best milkshakes in Edmonton and we invite you to come down and tell us what you think.

We will be playing Mario kart deluxe eight on 120-inch projection screens. There will be 3 screens running out of time with a maximum of 12 players at a time.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament At The Vault Gaming RoomThe event is free to join and open to all ages. The winner Will get a Mario kart prize pack, their choice of one of our new Freaks shakes and dinner for two with their choice of two personal size pizzas and two drinks or two of our awesome burger platters.

Some of the new milkshakes we will be sampling are:

The Fluffernutter Freak Shake: if you ever had the famous sandwich with the same name then you know what this shake is all about, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, toasted marshmallow rim, a couple of fudge brownies on top with fresh organic peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Cherry Bomb: this amazing dark cherry shake is topped with whipped cream, chocolate fudge brownies with maraschino cherries in a hard chocolate shell.

Keylime Pie Milkshake: Ok this one is a personal favorite of mine. This refreshing lime/lemon graham crust flavored shake will allow your adult side happy with your mature tastes and the kid in you wanting to order another one.

If one of the new ones isn’t catching your eye there are more than 20 other shakes on the menu to choose from.

A few of our Freak Shakes “Extreme Milkshakes”

The Birthday Cake Shake: Every weekend The Vault is filling up with more and more birthday parties and of course we had to make a shake fitting the occasion, and so the Birthday Cake Freak Shake was born! This delicious shake also might be the most Canadian milkshake ever as we have added Tim Hortons birthday cake Timbits for that extra kick, top it off with a slice of red velvet cake and we will have you singing “Happy Birthday To Me” all year long.

Strawberry CheeseShake: A Delicious homemade Strawberry Shake with white chocolate, graham cracker, whipped cream, Strawberries, and a HUNK of Strawberry Cheesecake! This one is a fan favorite!

Nutella Dream: A rich chocolate shake, with Nutella and smashed Oreos, fudge chocolate
brownie, M & M’s, chocolate bar chunks & Ferro Rocher chocolates all piled high
on top of whipped cream.

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